About us

Towel that stays on, the innovation that Jiri Linden from Koskenpaa came up with. Idea originally was born in the family outdoor sauna when then 6 year old Jiri came up with an idea that bath towels should have straps on so they wouldn’t fall off. Youngest member of the entrepreneur family had invented a product that is now available for anyone to purchase. Brace towel/ towel with straps became a friend who goes along wherever needed. Brace towel/ towel with straps is multifunctional and definition of carefree. There isn’t a better way to design towels.

What brings friends together?

Friends are nice to be around. Friendship means caring, carefree way of life and trust. Good friendships are contagious:you can feel them on your skin and they dress you well. There’s always room for a good friend. Why don’t you join and be part of a good friends club!

Being Finnish is a mindset

Finnishness is what makes a Finn a Finn. Finnishness means being silent alone and together. Being wild when musts. But most of the time Finnishness is talking slowly, little understanding and most of all it’s a mindset where people connect without any words needed.

"Finnishness means drying your skin after sauna. Good friend that keeps you dressed and won't fall off will make these precious moments even more amazing."